She has an ongoing story
is an expression of mixed emotions and memories.

As a teenager I was fascinated with the female form, which featured heavily in my drawings. Women with their wide eyes, shapely legs, slender fingers and extended arms to a curving waist. I loved to create sensual female postures like those idolized in Arabic poetry.

Forty-five is that unique age when a woman starts to feel like her sensuality is fading. At forty-five, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, followed shortly by treatments and premature menopause. My mom felt that all of her beauty was taken. She lost her breasts, her hair; those uniquely female traits. She still fought hard for herself, and today she’s alive, she’s healthy, and she’s as gorgeous as ever.

She is the silhouette of a woman with no hair or breasts, sitting in a beautiful muse pose full of grace and confidence. Her changing look reflects the seasons, places, and encounters of past and futures experiences. She never looks the same, as she is carved from inspirations I find around me everyday.

Inspired by the city of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia, the first outfit She wears reflects the iron window grill and wooden doors typical of the city. Curving steel designs, the refined nail drawings on wood, the saturated intense turquoise color all come together to define my personal brand.